Wednesday , 23 April 2014

Google’s Eric Schmidt: Apple has learned maps are hard

When the most reputable company in the world brought probably the worst map app to the market, you know is going to be a hot topic for a long time.Schmidt  has this to say about Apple: Source “Apple has learned that maps are hard,” Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt calmly stated, without smirking, during an interview with All Things D ... Read More »

Google Maps gets 250,000 miles of Street View

Google is extending its lead in the Mapping business. Google said today that it has rolled out the “biggest update ever” to its Street View service. The street-level image service that allows users to travel around the world from the comfort of their cushy homes and offices now extends to far reaches of the world previously not seen on the ... Read More »

Apple ignored developers warnings on Maps issues

App developers raised concerns about the poor quality of Apple’s Maps back as far back as June, it has been revealed. Several anonymous developers revealed to CNET that it was obvious early on that the Google Maps replacement was not up to scratch and weren’t shy about informing Apple through several official channels. These developers, who now rely on the ... Read More »

Angry Birds have more downloads than number of Facebook users

I am patiently waiting for the report that will reveal how Angry Birds games are hindering people at work. Feel free to tell your boss why you are still working on that project that should take 2 weeks, 3 weeks later.  Earlier this, Rovio announced that there is more than 1 billion downloads. But that is not as important as the ... Read More »

Need to know: how to control multiple computers from one station

Most people have two or more computers, your laptop, PC, office computer. Sometimes you may need to copy a document from one to the other, you want a magical drag and drop. There are actual a few application that let you something this simple: manage mange computer from one. First, we have two KVM switch replacements: Qsynergy, a more intuitive ... Read More »

Russian App store to compete with Google Play and Amazon Appstore

There is never a shortage of Android app store, just like the phone, every company can build their own store, that is exactly what Russian search engine Yandex is doing. Dubbed Yandex Store, the marketplace will offer over 38,000 applications and allow vendors to bundle another app store into their devices. Yandex.Store is also a white-box offering, meaning vendors can ... Read More »