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android apps for sms (free)

Looking for the best SMS or texting apps for droid, HTC Hero, Eris, Cliq, or android phones in general, look no further. Text messages have become a big part of our lives. Almost everybody knows how to send text messages now. Texting is the one of the fast ways to reach people. It is easy, faster, and comfortable. So comfortable that you can do it in places where making phone calls are not accepted. Texting apps are big on the android market store. As user become interested in free SMS and international SMS, apps are developed with features that follow suite. One of the big apps in this area is Google Voice. Google Voice has completely re-invent the ways people send text messages. You may be behind in time if you are still getting charged by your phone carrier for SMS. Here are the best android apps for SMS or texting.

SMS or texting apps for android phone

Google Voice
Google voice is definitely the leader in this area, it has everything you may need in SMS and more. Check my previous article on the power of Google voice here.

Txeet is an app that makes regular texting fun and enjoyable. With Txeet, you can compose SMS with over 3000+ templates, such as miss-you messages, jokes, pickup lines, goodnight messages, happy birthdays, etc.. It also give you access to SMS lingo dictionary for when you are clueless of some abbreviation for example ROTFLMAO, TTYN. The app also insert pure ASCII emoticons for example @}–\-,— to your message for you. Now start styling your messages like never before and have your friends and buddies waiting for more text from you.

Txeet SMS android app

Txeet SMS android app

SMS Popup
Simple app that shows a pop up dialog when a SMS/MMS is received including the contact photo. Also includes tons of options to customize the notification for incoming SMS

sms popup

sms pop-up

This app is the Android Network Award winner for the best SMS app. It is a cool alternative app for the native android SMS messaging app. The coolest feature is the iPhone-like on-screen virtual keyboard, so you have the option to use it or slide open the physical QWERTY keyboard on your droid. ChompSMS does not support MMS picture messages. You have to use the default Messaging app to send or receive MMS picture messages. Besides that, you can do all the other tasks as the default messaging app and more: select ringtones if you have rings extended installed, you can choose MP3 ringtones, even those created with Ringdroid, set notification vibration and more.

chomp sms

chomp sms

Not many SMS apps has language translation, but this one does. So if you looking for a SMS app that let you text in many different languages this for you. Soft keyboard, quick reply, language translations, pop-Up, vibrate notifications, contact photo, chat threads, are what you getting from this app. Runs silently in the background too. It couples the convenience of pop up text message with instant reply from the same prompt… no need to launch an app. There’s also a virtual soft keyboard. Even though the translation is not perfect yet, it will still have you texting in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Filipino, French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, and Portuguese, that should be enough to make friends across the world.

asms texting app

asms texting app

Handcent SMS (NEW)
Another good SMS app for android phone. It will fully unleash the power of android phone. Fully support SMS and MMS, great customize options, different style (you can have a iphone, handcent, or android layout). It also has transcription: speak your text or have them read back to you; a feature that only very few SMS apps has.

Handcent SMS for android

Handcent SMS for android

Start sending text messages and international SMS but remember not to text while driving.

One comment

  1. Check Free SMS (RefineAndroid):
    - worldwide;
    - several providers (a huge number of countries and carriers/operators);
    - with replies (for USA/Canada);
    - it’s free for the SMS recipient. Some providers do charge for receiving SMS if the recipient sends a confirmation SMS;
    - history (removable).

    Providers add minor ad block at the end of SMS messages.

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