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Android Apps for Students

From app that solve basic algebra, to apps for grades calculator, statistics, dictionary, reference book, medical information quick reference, IT reference, flashcards and more, the android market is fill with many apps that will help students in their studies. College, university, and even high school students will find some of these apps very handy in the academics. Here are some of the best android apps for students.

This app will help you track your homeworks, assignments, school projects, and grades. With CoursePro, you can keep track of your school assignments using a simple to-do style list that has been specifically designed for students. You can define assignment types—such as quiz, homework, project, or lab—to keep track of your weighted grades. It automatically keeps a current report card, so you can see exactly what your grades are at any time. You get a full grades break down by assignment type. This app will be useful for both high school and college students. The demo is free but the complete faction is $2.99. For more information of CoursePro Click Here

Coursepro android app for students

Coursepro android app for students

This a free app specially designed for students. Have all your notes stored locally on your phone, no network connection required to view them. Easily organize you files and folders. Share notes with your friends and receive live updates whenever they add new materials to notes that they are sharing with you. Find equations, theories, and course notes in the online Public Library. You can also submit your own course notes to the library. Once approved, they will be added. It also features StudyPartners, a service that helps you find study partners. When doing research, find and collaborate with students from all over the world in areas of research similar to yours. And when done with a course you can sell your class notes and make some money. MyPocketProf is completely free. For more information on myPocketProf click here

mypocketprof free android app for students

mypocketprof free android app for student

is a flashcard application that will help you study for exams by yourself or with a study partner. You can create Flashcards online and download them to your phone so you’re not stuck typing out every card on a small keyboard. You can also share you cards with the world. Check out the StudyDroid demo by Dan. For more information of StudyDroid Visit

ColorDict Universal Dictionary
Students always need a handy dictionary, here it is. This app is a dictionary, a thesaurus, bible dictionary, and foreign-language dictionary combined. Should be helpful in looking up words when writing papers. It works both online and offline.

ColorDict Universal Dictionary android app fro students

ColorDict Universal Dictionary android app fro students

Skyscape Medical Resources
This a good app for medical students. Skyscape Medical Resources is a collection of medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs medical students, nursing students and more. Install the app and get RxDrugs, outlines in clinical medicine (OCM), and the Archimedes set of medical calculators. The MedAlert service is also part of this installation, and you can easily add free MedStream channels (such as MedWatch and CDC Spotlights). Click here to get more information about the Skyscape Medical Resources for android.

Skycape android app

Skycape android app

This a basic calculator that will help you solve trigonometric, logarithms, and algebraic equations.

MathDroid android app for students

MathDroid android app for students

This a great app for IT students. ToadCard is a quick IT reference guide,developed by the Information Technology students of Monroe College for a senior seminar class project led by Prof. John McMullen.
The app includes searchable reference manuals for Windows,Mac,Linux and Cisco IOS commands.

ToadCard android app of students

ToadCard android app of students

Having some tough time with statistics? This app is for you. It calculates densities, probabilities, and quantiles of common useful continuous and discrete distributions including Gamma, exponential, binomial among others.

This one of the best apps for viewing office documents on Android phones. It can open PDF files, Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), OpenDocument (odt, ods, odp), RTF. However, It requires a good Internet connection to transfer a document to a server and convert it into a phone-viewable format. This conversion step is only required the first time you open a new document. For more information about OFFIVIEWER click here.

OFFIVIEWER ANDROID app for students


Most students are sports fans who will like to follow their teams on the go and keep up with latest game results. With this app you get simple, fast scores for NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA college football games, and NCAA basketball. Live play-by-play, stats, standing and more.



Below are some paid apps that deserve mentioning, if you have some money to spare you may check they out.
GRE vocab, Biology: MCAT, Bacteriology, Neuroanatomy, Blood Vessel Anatomy, and ChemCards.

Please leave a comment about any app that you’ve found helpful in your studies.


  1. feequeen_forever

    Cool Apps! Yesterday I found a cool free app for students called StudiPlaner. The free Version is with ads, but it has many useful features like post the course on facebook or manage the semesters, courses and lecturers.

  2. I use Flash Card Maker Pro to teach my 6 year old daughter how to read and do math problems. This is the only flash card application that is optimized for Android pads, tablets, and mobile phones. Flash Card Maker Pro uses advanced gesturing and text-to-speech capability providing a fully interactive experience for users of all ages. This multi-sensory teaching tool uses all pathways of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or seeing, hearing, touching) simultaneously, in order to enhance memory and learning. Use Flash Card Maker Pro on your Android phone or tablet to teach children how to read and do math, to help students study for exams, or to prepare for an upcoming presentation.

    Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand. (Chinese Proverb)

    Recycle your old paper flash cards and download the latest digital version today! Flash Card Maker Pro has the following highlighted features:

    1. Create Your Own Flash Cards
    2. Share Flash Cards with Other Users
    3. Download Decks of Cards from Developer Website
    4. Text-to-speech Audio Playback
    5. Built-in Study Timer
    6. Randomize or Change Order of Playback
    7. Swap Question and Answer
    8. Change Card Colors and Text Size
    9. Navigate Between Cards using Touch Gestures
    10. Backup Database to SD Card

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