Friday , 25 April 2014

Android Apps for Tasks

This android app will help you manager you task. Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional project manager, student, teacher, mom, or dad, if you are looking for more time management and effective task completion Astrid will help. You will get a task manager, task tracker, project management, task lists, more
organization, thereby increased productivity with this app; and yet still simple enough to be a to do list app for average person looking for something simple.

Best Task Management App

Astrid is an elegant new to do list application for android phone that helps you become more effective at getting things done. Simple but powerful enough to actually help you get stuff done. With features including tagging, timers, annoying reminders, smart task sorting, hiding tasks & partial progress you will be more efficient in handling your tasks.

Astrid to do list

Astrid to do list

This app is a complete tasks manager. You can add new task, edit exiting ones, tag, set reminders, and synchronize task with your Gmail. What’s great about it, you can use simple features or use all the features for more robust task management.

Astrid for android

Astrid for android

You can also check ToDo lite, Remember The Milk, Task list, Super To do List, but Astrid has more features and gives you more options. So all you droid, htc hero, eris, cliq and other android phone users here is a task management software (or application) for you on the go.

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