Thursday , 24 April 2014

Android Apps For File Sharing

There are many services available that allow users to share files over the Internet, like documents, photos, videos, and music. When an app for file sharing is created, it becomes popular. This app can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphones from The Android Market.

shareAnywhere launched by T-Mobile for Android devices. It is designed to share files primarily at your workplace. Presentations and documents can be easily shared between several Android users. Files can be extracted from a central repository over the Internet provided you have the rights to access –Login details. It can be downloaded from the Android Market.




It’s a simple FTP server for Android; you can access it with any FTP client from a machine within your LAN. A user name and password is required to launch it. Compatible for Windows and other operating systems.

For Windows add the FTP server as a network place to the Explorer. For OS X, users can add the FTP through Finder’s “Connect to Server” option. For accessing it through a browser, simply enter the server URL in the address bar. It has the ability to restrict access to certain directories, hence limiting the SD Card to download content, unlike earlier, hence safer way to file sharing.A free app to an excellent way of sharing camera snap-shots.

SwiFTP FTP Server

SwiFTP FTP Server

On Air
On Air allows you to easily transfer files over your Wi-Fi connection by accessing it as if were a drive, from within your Finder.

On Air

On Air



LAN Sharing Apps for G1 (ES File Explorer –ManagES)

This is a File Explorer for Android that offers the ability to launch Samba shares as remote drives, enables you to mount and share it on your local network. Transferring files works fine, with the exception of a large data transfer. Streaming audio isn’t supported; therefore copying MP3 files before listening is mandatory. A little more challenging are the sub-menus to access simple functions like copy and past, but there are some keyboard short cuts for more frequent users. ES File Explorer is a free app.

DropBox for Android and Blackberry –Coming Soon!

This app would enable the android and blackberry users to share media files in a simpler and effective way. It will assist users to upload the media files, and provide a link to the content for downloading it. It’s based on the fundamentals of SugarSync app and happyCurrently app. Both these apps provide 2GB of free online space, and paid accounts receive higher storage. Dropbox is expected to work on the same lines. But whether it’s free or paid, will be revealed when is launched.

Please comment about these apps and other related apps that you might have used. You can also search for more apps using our custom search, that allows you to search for apps in over 6 android apps directories at once, including Cnet download.

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  1. You should also add the first p2p filesharing application for android on the planet

    FrostWire for Android

    it’s free and has no ads or nags.

    If you don’t have the time to install it, you can see pictures of it here

    Built by the community of FrostWire developers over the world.
    It’s still in beta but it’s very functional, it allows for browsing, searching, sending, downloading and even chatting.

    You can basically share files over the internet, or on a local Wifi network. If you’re say in school you could share files with other students, or if you’re in a subway wagon and another android runs as an access point people on the subway car can share files during their commute. Excellent for conferences, gatherings, sharing files with family and friends in front of you or on the other side of the world.

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