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Android Voice Recorder Apps

Looking for the best audio or voice recorder apps? Here is the list of the best audio recorder apps for android phones. These apps could be very handy for students who will like to record and save their professor lesson session, or for those occasion that you want to capture a little audio recordings.


vRecorder is a audio recording application that turns your phone into a voice recorder. Automatically record phone calls and save them with the time and number, home screen widget for easy voice memos, set recordings as ringtone, sms or email to a friend. Send text message to control tape recorder, timer recording, more.



Voice recorder
Here is another cool voice recording app. The recordings are saved to your SD card. It let you send you recording as attached file via Gmail, timer recording, search by title and date, set recordings as ringtones, recording by the widget, playback pause by stop button long.

Voice recorder

Voice recorder

Ultimate voice recorder $4.99

The app records voice memo, reminder/alarm, and calls. You can choose to record all calls automatically or specify phone numbers to record or not to record. Email recordings, attach photo, play, pause, forward/rewind with ease! Copy recordings to desktop via WiFi.

Ultimate Voice Recorder

Ultimate Voice Recorder

You can also search for more apps using our custom search, that allows you to search for apps in over 6 android apps directories at once, including Cnet download.


  1. Seriously do not install this app. It messed up my droid – everytime i turned on my fone, rec’d or made a call, accessed an app: anything I did activated the recorder with this intense static noise. The ringtones were also all messed up. I immediately uninstalled the app within about 20 min’s and the phone notified me automatically (along with that static noise) that I had rec’d a refund. Which after calling tech support found that I had not gotten the refund. But antway I had to call tech support because after I uninstalled app — IT WAS STILL ON MY FONE still messing it up! grrr I was on the fone with tech support forever. They recommended I bring into store to wipe my fone clean and reinstall everything!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS!!

  2. sorry to hear that. So what app are you using now for recording?

  3. One-touch voice memo recorder, for use while driving – I don’t want to look at a screen for anything – is what I’m searching for. For example, mvoice on PalmOS with side button enabled

  4. One-touch voice memo recorder, for use while driving – I don’t want to look at a screen for anything – is what I’m searching for. For example, mvoice on PalmOS with side button enabled. Can anyone here recommend a voice memo recorder that can record with a single button press without looking at the screen? Even in Car Home Mode

  5. What would you recommend to record incoming phone calls???? gotta be an app for this…after the above warning not sure what to do….

  6. “Note Everything” is pretty good but not perfect. I made a widget that starts recording when tapped. And the “Button Shortcut” can assign an app to the Camera button. But alas it can’t assign a widget – and BS seems to be device-dependent.

    On my device, NE can record the phone conversation. But don’t fret if it records only your side of the conversation, you can always just repeat the important parts, for example “we have time only Friday at noon” you’d repeat “friday at noon, right?” It may be also a bit safer for you legally.

  7. Scoles Technologies, llc just released a professional looking, fuctioning Android 2.1+ audio recorder.

    Fusion Recorder can be downloaded form the Android Market today!

    Thanks for your support!

    Remember, updates are FREE!

  8. I released a new android audio recorder called memovoice, you can find it looking for com.memento or memovoice.
    This is the link in appbrain:

    You can record arbitrary lenght audio, share it via mail or bluetooth and you can also set memovoice notification to recall the note at specific time.
    It provided with widget to start quickly a new record.

    graphics is very accurate.

    I hope you like it

  9. How do you get the voice recordings to play on the computer. I emailed them to myself and they wont play.

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