Saturday , 19 April 2014

How To Turn Your Android Phone To A Wifi Hotspot

Your android phone can do many great things but there are still many reasons you might want to use a computer. In places where there is no wifi or internet connection, when you want to send document or picture on your PC to someone, etc. Here are some apps that will turn you android phone to a hotspot so you can do the extra things that your phone is not capable of yet.

Android Apps That Will Convert Your To A Wifi Hotspot

PdaNet free edition
This app allows your computer to go online through the android phone’s data connection. It supports USB tether and bluetooth DUN, no root access needed. Works on all android phones.



PdaNetchart Barcode

PdaNetchart Barcode

There is also Tether Blu (only works on rooteds phones), Tether Wifi ($8.95), among others. You can also search for more apps using our custom search, that allows you to search for apps in over 6 android apps directories at once, including Cnet download. Whenever you need more internet capabilities beyond the power of your android phone, turn you phone to an hotspot with any of these apps. Enjoy

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  1. This doesn’t make your phone a hotspot. It only allows you to access the 3G network for internet access.

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