Friday , 18 April 2014

How to clear the browser cache on an Android phone

Nexus one

Nexus one

Clearing the browser cache on an Android device can free up space if you are running low. The Android Chrome web browser saves parts of the the web pages that you visit on the Internet. This can significantly speed up your web browsing experience. Unfortunately, the saved files take up space on your Android phone and prevent you from using all of the space on your phone. Regularly clearing your cache can help your device performance, especially if it does not have much free space or did not have much space on your phone.

How to clear the browser cache:

  1. Start the Chrome lite web browser.
  2. Push the “Menu” button to open the options for the Chrome browser. These options allow you to: select a new location, open a new window, access the bookmarks functions and access the “More” functions. Select the “More” to bring up these features.
  3. The “More” functions allow you to do things like search on the current web page, select certain text, get page information, share the page, look at the downloads and change the settings. Select the “Settings” option to bring up the settings menu.
  4. There are a lot of options in the Settings menu. Scroll down until you see “Clear Cache”. Select the “Clear cache”
  5. You will get a dialog asking you to validate that you want to clear the cache. Select “OK” and the cache on your Android phone should be erased. If you are running low on space, some of the memory should now be available.

With your browsing history gone, you will have more memory space on your phone.

This should work for all Android phones: Liquid Stream, A10, Thunder, Zio, M6000, Xperia X8, Sage, Charm Optimus, Chic Optimus One, Intercept (Moment 2), Desire HD , Epic 4G, Vibrant, Captivate, G1, Blaze / Vision Droid 2, MT810, Beam Motosplit i5500 Galaxy 5 LePhone Liquid E M1 Droid X I1 / Opus One Titanium Aria myTouch 3G Slide Garminfone FlipOut Wildfire EVO Aero / Mini 3iX Streak Galaxy S / Fascinate Optimus Q (LG C710 Aloha, LG LU2300) Ally 845(Vodafone) Xperia X10 Mini Galaxy A / Apollo / M100S Droid Incredible GT540 Optimus Pulse Mini (T-Mobile) CLIQ XT(USA)/ Quench beTouch E110 Legend Desire / Passion / Bravo Backflip Devour One Motoroi Nexus One Xperia X10 Archos Phone

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