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Angry Birds manual: tips and tricks to win every level and unlock new worlds

Angry Birds may be the best thing that ever happened in mobile gaming, very interesting and addictive, plus great graphics. What else do you want? Its entrance into the Android-sphere has being a revolution with over 3 million downloads and counting.   But the game may become a little frustrating when you get stock at a level for many hours. Well, lets just say I have being stock at Theme 3 level 5 for a few days now, and I need to move forward, can’t move forward unless I win the level.  I spent some time looking for the tricks to winning every level, and thanks to the crew over at Pocket Gamer they created a nice summary of tips and tricks for the lovely Angry Birds. Keep reading for the details.

Basic Tips

Basic Tips

Angry Birds depicts the life-long struggle of bird-versus-pig, and its your job to catapult these kamikaze birds into the pig’s towers, knocking down their houses and defeating the green swines inside.

High score

Simply killing all the birds will unlock the next level, but if you want to get the maximum three stars on each stage, you’ll need to aim for some high scores.

The key to getting a high score in Angry Birds is a mixture of deadly efficiency (unused birds net you an automatic 10,000 points each) and unrelenting damage (smashed objects give off small, but quickly accumulated points).

You’ll often need to use both strategies at once, though: simply using a very small number of birds might not get all three stars if you didn’t make much damage.

Assorted tips

Pinch and zoom to see the entire battlefield on one screen, so you can quickly see how far away your catapult is from the pig’s base.

Every bird leaves a trail of dust behind, meaning you can replicate (or slightly deviate from) previous throws without the tedious guesswork.

You don’t always have to attack from left to right: if you aim the bird high enough you can attack from above. Perfect for levels with fortified walls, but exposed roofs.

Wait until your previous bird disappears. If you hit your last bird’s dazed body, your attack will be significantly dampened.

Bird Types

Bird Types

Red Bird Unlocked: From beginning

Red Bird Unlocked

Plain old projectile birds. Won’t do anything when tapped, and isn’t very tough either.

Blue Birds Unlocked: World 1, Level 10

Blue Bird Unlocked

Scattershot birds dissipate into three small projectiles when the screen is tapped.

Think of these little guys like a shotgun. You can make a scattershot early to hit a good range of targets, but ideally you want to release these fellows close to the target so all three birds will smash into a small area at once. That’s how you inflict the most damage.

Yellow Bird Unlocked: World 1, Level 16

Yellow Bird Unlocked

Kamikaze birds rocket at super speeds when the screen is tapped.

Despite their greatly increased velocity, they still won’t do much damage on materials like stone and glass. They rip through wood like it’s wet paper, though, allowing you to quickly attack enemies buried deep within a structure.

Black  Bird Unlocked: World 2, Level 5

Black Bird Unlocked

These are caustic birds that explode to create shockwaves and destroy close blocks and birds. They blow up in their own time, but if you tap you can explode them instantly.

Remember, these guys are so heavy that they’ll destroy even a large chunk of stone in just one hit.

White Bird Unlocked: World 2, Level 14

White Bird Unlocked

Egg dropping, maternal birds. Tap the screen to launch an explosive egg from your backside, before firing your now deflated friend into the stratosphere. Get as low to the target as possible for maximum splash damage.

Don’t forget: these enemies can still be used as classic red-styled birds if you don’t tap. Useful if you just need a boring old projectile.

Green Bird Unlocked: World 6, Level 5
Introduced: Update 1.3.0

Green Bird Unlocked

Boomerang birds turn around and fly backwards at roughly double the speed when the screen is tapped. Learning their trajectory is just a matter of patience and experience. In the right hands, though, these exotic toucans can be deadly accurate, and very powerful.

You can fire them backwards, and then quickly tap the screen to make a fast-flying bird. You’ll be hard pressed to make efficient hits in this way, but it’s a useful trick to keep under your belt.

Three Star Strategies

Get the 3 stars

Developer Rovio has posted videos of every level in themes one through five on its YouTube channel, showing off the best strategies to three star any level.

The bird placement will also help you pass a level if you’re just plain old stuck, regardless of star rating.

Here are links to all the videos. Each video contains multiple levels:

Theme 1 Levels 1-5
Theme 1 Levels 6-10
Theme 1 Levels 11-15
Theme 1 Levels 16-21

Theme 2 Levels 1-5
Theme 2 Levels 6-10
Theme 2 Levels 11-15
Theme 2 Levels 16-21

Theme 3 Levels 1-5
Theme 3 Levels 6-10
Theme 3 Levels 11-15
Theme 3 Levels 16-21

Theme 4 Levels 1-5
Theme 4 Levels 6-10
Theme 4 Levels 11-15
Theme 4 Levels 16-21

Theme 5 Levels 1-5
Theme 5 Levels 6-10
Theme 5 Levels 11-15
Theme 5 Levels 16-21

Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs

In Angry Birds’s 1.2.1 update, Rovio introduced the golden eggs – a collection of hidden Easter eggs designed for the most fanatical supporters of this app. Finding a golden egg unlocks a special, bonus level.

They’re just for fun and are either a bizarre mini-game or a meticulously crafted Rube Goldberg puzzle.

You’re expected to hunt high and low for the golden eggs, but we’ll save you the effort with this handy guide. The first two are the hardest as you’ll have to get three stars on every level in the first chapter for one egg, and then three stars on every level in the second chapter.

The rest are a little easier, check them out:


Location: Main menu
Tap the sun on the level selection screen a few times for the golden egg to pop out.

Location: Main menu

Location: Main menu
Watch the full credits, and tap the golden egg that appears at the end.

Location: Main menu

Location: Any level, after unlocking World 2 Level 14
Open the ‘help’ menu (? button), and click through to the white birds. Tap the golden egg.

unlocking World 2

Location: World 1, Level 8
Tap the chest a few times for the egg to appear.


Location: World 2, Level 2
Burst the beach ball for the egg to appear.


Location: World 4, Level 7
Pinch and zoom to see a golden egg perched high above the game area on a clifftop. The only bird that will reach it is the yellow one, so use up all your other birds and aim with the yellow bird. It will take a few attempts, trust me.

World 5, Level 19

Location: World 5, Level 19
The top right brick (slope shaped) on the leftmost tower contains the egg. Smash it (the egg-dropping white bird is your easiest bet) to grab the egg.

Once you have the egg, head into the golden eggs section of the level select menu to play the new levels and unlock the stars. The chain reaction levels are self explanatory, but the puzzles might be a bit more confusing. Here’s what you need to do to unlock the star:

The Mighty Eagle’s beak

The Mighty Eagle’s beak
Pull apart the beak with two fingers to see the star.

snoozing pig

The snoozing pig
Plug the pig’s nose with two fingers and he’ll wake up. His nose will fall off, revealing a star.



This soundboard plays sound clips from Angry Birds. Tap them in this order to unlock a star: [The Group of Pigs], [The Group of Birds], [Catapult], [Any Bird], [Any Material], [Any Pig].

Angry Radio

Angry Radio
Press down any two buttons (with two fingers) to unlock the star.

More information:

Angry Birds official site


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