Thursday , 24 April 2014

How To Make Free VoIP Calls on Android Phones

Android phones with Google Voice can dial and receive calls at discounted rates; however, you need a voice plan to make these calls. Using Google Voice, Android and Sipgate, you can now make calls for free.

Each of the two services have their own limitations but when combined offers powerful system of availing free calls. Wondering how? Use Sipgate with Google Voice that automatically calls back your Sipgate number connecting you to your recipient. This works for Wi-Fi, 3G data and EDGE, hence you will never run out of minutes again and calls are free.

Sipgate allows you to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi and 3G without a voice plan. It also offers a softphone and the ability to place calls directly from its website. You can begin availing this tool by signing up for a free Sipgate account.

So how does it work? Once the free account created and verified, subscribers log-in and get their SIP credentials. Here are the steps to activate the process.

Step 1: Click settings and add VoIP phone on the right. Re-name it and add your E911 information for placing emergency calls.

Step 2: Once the new phone created, click SIP credentials from the drop down menu over your phone. A new window pops up displaying the SIP-ID and SIP-Password. Note it down.

Step 3: Search the Android market for Sipdroid and install Sipdroid VoIP + video calling. Once installed open the SIP account settings under menu -> settings for the app. Fill in the authorized SIP-ID and SIP-Password and change sever to

Step 4: Tap the back button of your Android phone and visit the call options to enable Wi-Fi (WLAN), 3G, and EDGE, if desired.

Once the information is complete, pull down the notification bar and check that you’ve become “registered” to sipdroid. A green dot appearing on the screen will indicate you are ready to go. Double-check to see you’re fully connected to sipgate by re-logging into your account and checking the VoIP phone status is “online”.

Step 5: Add Sipgate Phone to Google Voice. Log-in to Google Voice and click settings -> add another phone. Enter your sipgate VoIP-Phone number and save.

Google will verify that you own the number and will instantly call your sipgate VoIP-Phone and ask you to key in the verification code shown. Once the verification is complete, check box appears next to your sipgate phone in Google Voice.

Step 6: Install Google Voice Callback from the Android Market. Fill out your Google Voice account information including call back sipgate number, and check “always” when prompted when you want to use Google Voice Callback.

Step 7: Place a Test Call

Checking connection is vital. Place a call via in-built phone dialler on your Android phone. Popup appears indicating that you are placing the call with GVoice Callback. Subsequently, your phone will ring. Answer the phone and you will be connected via sipdroid to your targeted destination.

Even though it’s plenty of hardwork, but as usual hardwork pays, and so does this one. Follow these steps on your Android device and call friends, family and clients free of charge without a SIM card over Wi-Fi.


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