Thursday , 24 April 2014

Text Apps For Adults

After the successful launch of many standalone apps, Google has released a new app for group texting. Earlier considered as teenagers tools at sleepovers, today it’s actively sought by adults for limitless important moments.

Group texting is an excellent tool for meeting and chatting with colleagues in addition to other social networking situations. These apps are free and can be downloaded from the Android Market, select from textPlus 4, BrightKite and GroupMe and make your social interactions easier and smarter.

BrightKite and textPlus offer bonus of free texting, however these apps require lengthy registration, and keeps a group text active unless you sign out, thus consuming battery life. GroupMe allows you to send texts with photos.

 TextPlus 4 and BrightKite, with smart texting will turn your Android device into a free group-texting machine. Meanwhile, with  GroupMe exit the group or manually delete a group after an event.


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