Monday , 21 April 2014

Cheating on Wordfeud

My obsession with Wordfeud is serious. Beside my Gmail app, Wordfeud is the next app I use the most. It has successful past Angry Birds in time of use. For one, I know am playing with human and not some complicated Physics functions. It is fun and my elementary school alphabet lessons can be put to use for once.  

Everything was going fine and my understanding of the game has increased tremendously over the weeks. Now am starting to beat those people that used to beat me long before the game is close to an end. I’ve also realized that the game is tactical and not just about filling up the tiles. You have to pay closer attentions to the TL, DL, TW, and DW tiles. Most times you should be willing to score low on any of those tiles to avoid your opponents scoring very high on them. I called those moves “destruction moves”.

Earlier today I meet a “super” opponent who was able to put together 3 back-to-back 7 letters words, which is very unlikely. In fact none of my previous opponents have done anything close. This made me think that the person was cheating.

I went online to check for “Wordfeud cheats”. I found some alphabet organizing web service., for example, allows you to enter your letters and will give you up to 10 words to pick from. I used it a few times and found it pretty handy but it took the fun out of the game. There are also some Android cheat apps for word games, none of which I tested. Word Feud Cheat App is supposed to be a Wordfeud manual; it costs $2 and has a very low rating.

Please let us know if there are some special tricks to Wordfeud. Share your knowledge in the comment.

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