Saturday , 19 April 2014

How to create your own custom ROM

Custom ROM add flavor to your phone, unique look, and many other cool features. If you are type that like custom ROMs or thinking of how to create your on custom ROM, there a few tools out there that makes it easy to create your own ROM, even with limited or no coding experience.  One of this tools is ROM Kitchen, developed by Dsixda. ROM kitchen is designed for HTC devices but supports some non-HTC devices.

This kitchen is compatible with both Linux and Mac OS X, so if you’re running Windows, you will need to use either Cygwin or a virtualization technology such as VirtualBox. Details for getting either of those solutions are available in the Kitchen FAQ.  For more information about how to use ROM kitchen and more visit this thread over at XDA-developer and watch a video on how to configure the ROM Kitchen to get started


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