Wednesday , 16 April 2014

How to unbrick Samsung Android Phone in One-Click

Bricked Android phone

One of the leading concerns when rooting Android phones is ending up with a bricked phone.

Samsung android phones are normally hard to brick. Flashing wrong file results in partial brick, in which the phone can still get into ‘Download’ mode. If you are the unluckiest on a day and ended up bricking the phone for whatever the reason, here is some relief for you.

A developer has come up with a one-click unbrick tool for Samsung android devices that use ODIN for flashing a file. This means virtually all Samsung android phones with Android Éclair and above (with few exceptions that work on Android 1.5 too).

The process is simple. Before you begin, you need to have few things downloaded and installed on your computer. The one-click unbrick tools work on Windows, Linux, and Mac as well. There are problems in the way the tool works on Windows computer, but has no problems on Linux and Mac. The developer is working on the tool to make it more Windows friendly. Anyway, we have developed a workaround for you.


  • To begin with, you need to have Java installed on your computer. If you are not sure, head over to Java Check site and verify the installation.
  • Once you are done with the Java installation, download the one-click Unbrick tool to computer
  • If you are using Windows based computer, you need to have 7-Zip or WinRAR installed. 7-zip is a free program. Download it from here.


1. Right-click on the One-Click.jar, select ‘7-zip’ and then select ‘Extract to OneClick\’.


2. The file gets extracted to the ‘OneClick’ folder.

3. Now copy ‘OneClick.jar’ file and paste it into the ‘OneClick\heimdalloneclick\resources\HeimdallPackage’ folder.


4. Right-click on ‘oneclickloader.exe’ file and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

5. Proceed with the installation of Heimdall.

6. After the installation is complete, you will see the the One-Click UnBrick interface.

One-Click unbrick

7. Connect the phone to computer via USB and click’ unsoft brick’ button to recover your phone from brick.
Source, Check the xda-developer thread for more information

One comment

  1. Hi,
    I failed updating my galaxy s to ginger bread and now am stuck on this screen, i tried the one click unbrick on pc,mac and its not working.

    someone said i need to remove the battery and hold the volume down button still not goin back to download mode.. any idea what can i do ?

    this is the message i get on oneclick


    Set Temporary Folder:C:\Users\home\AppData\Local\Temp\\homeHeimdallOneClick\
    Operating System: Windows
    Found Heimdall Version: Heimdall v1.0.2bUnbrick Commanded!

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