Saturday , 19 April 2014

Google Play is testing subscription apps

Subscription service is coming to Google Play hopeful developers can make more money from it. Google is now letting Android app developers aim to better satisfy customers by launching a free weeklong trial period for subscription apps. Google rolled out its in-app subscriptions feature in May. The idea was to let users pay for monthly or annual subscriptions directly inside ... Read More »

The First Tablet With a Built-In Projector, SmartQ U7H

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you first hear the name ‘smart projector‘? Samsung Galaxy Beam maybe? That’s probably right, because it’s the only one of its kind with no competition in its class, until now. Well, we can’t say it’s a direct competitor to the Galaxy Beam, because it’s a totally different thing – it’s ... Read More »

Apple can use the word “Beta” too

The just released Apple Maps is a tragedy, nothing compared to what we’ve come to expect of Apple, a company that pride itself in perfection. Google, rarely come out with a new product without beta being part of the name. Is a new product, still in testing and the general public understand that. Google Maps is years of map development, ... Read More »

Google becomes second largest tech company in the world

Google todat surpassed Microsoft’s market evaluation and became the world’s second largest tech company. Analysts are taking this as a clear indication of how the web is solving tasks previously reserved for the offline PC, and how the growth of mobile has been a key driver to Google’s success. Google now has over $249 billion in market cap, while Microsoft ... Read More »

Apple just remapped the world, images for Maps

Last week we heard that Apple still have a year left in their contract with Google for Maps but they chose to divorce for irreconcilable differences (most popular reason for divorce). This divorce lead to premature release of the the Apple Map and that lead to some of the disastrous images found in Apple Maps. Source New York City Las ... Read More »